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Process optimization via software
development and integration


Integrated reporting for asset and risk management

Due to quick changing and increasingly volatile market conditions, it is important for insurance companies to gain a current overview of their portfolio’s key risk indicators and to improve their asset management. The SAP standard reporting in SAP FAM (Financial Asset Management) provides different options and reports for displaying key figures concerning asset management, but it does not provide an integrated view within a single dashboard.

With the creation of DELFOS, ConVista fills this gap, offering an integrated view of all key risk indicators and risk management ratios. Your asset portfolio can be viewed at a glance via a single application in SAP. All relevant risk figures can be followed live, such as the net present value (NPV), sensitivities or the Value at Risk (VaR). Furthermore, a central evaluation is available in SAP FAM, list layouts can be tailored and evaluations can be imported simply into Excel.

  • Integrated view on all essential asset and risk management figures
  • Consideration of key risk indicators such as NPV, sensitivities and VaR
  • All relevant key figures of your portfolios and financial transactions at a glance
  • A central evaluation taking into consideration all financial instruments in SAP FAM
  • Easy Excel-import and flexible list layouts in SAP

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