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Process optimization via software
development and integration

ConVista Collection Connector

Optimized debt collection by means of automated interfaces

Many companies are confronted with the problem that the interfaces between pre-summary and summary proceedings are missing for payment collections. Consequently, they invest highly in processing default payments every day. Although the commercial dunning procedure is mainly automated, there is no rule as to what to do if the customer has still not made the dunned payment. Surely, outstanding debts can be processed by means of specialized collection service providers. However, the following questions arise when choosing this option: Are the debts not processed using their own resources despite having been passed on? And how should the regular enquiries regarding the processes that are raised by the hired collection company, and also your customers, be dealt with?

Automated interfaces provide the solution for this challenge. The ConVista Collection Connector allows you to transfer data in electronic form from SAP FS-CD to a software solution which conducts the automated summary proceedings and subsequently sends back the posting data. The ConVista Collection Connector is an add-on to the contract account solution of SAP FI-CA (or respectively to one of the industry solutions based on it such as FS-CD, RM-CA or PS-CD). This additional program offers the possibility to change seamlessly from the automated dunning procedure to the summary proceedings. Thus, companies can increase their collection quote and reduce the connected costs at the same time.

  • Submitting receivables

  • Transmitting payments

  • Receiving collected payments 

  • Receiving interest and fees of the debtor

Laszlo Kaploczki

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ConVista Collection Connector (German Version)