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Process optimization via software
development and integration

ConVista Cashflow Management

Providing the right information concerning collections and disbursements at the right time and in the right granularity

Rising competitive pressure, decreasing investment income and high costs increasingly put pressure on insurance companies to act. Additionally, massively increased regulatory requirements make business more difficult. Under these overall conditions, leadership and management are especially challenged. At this point, exact key figures in the scope of target-oriented reporting help them to fulfill their tasks.

ConVista Cashflow Management was developed in order to provide relevant key figures for the collection "of the German Insurance Association (GDV)". For this purpose, data is determined within SAP FS-CD using the subledger and serves as a base for calculating key figures. Providing this information is necessary for arranging internal and external payment transactions efficiently.

  • Direct determination of key figures according to the collection of the GDV in SAP FS-CD

  • Providing information for arranging internal and external payment transactions efficiently

  • Comprehensive expertise in up- and downstream processes

  • Support in the technical implementation

Laszlo Kaploczki

+43 1 339 520 311 920