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Process optimization via software
development and integration

ConVista Smart Gate

Framework for processing business transactions in real-time

In most companies, mass processing is of high relevance. However, the amount of data handled by companies increases rapidly due to integration of additional diverse systems. Consequently, the time needed for the final processing which takes place overnight increases as well. In many cases, a sequential transfer of interdependent company data is required since the data needs to be sent to the processing system in a certain order.

Thanks to ConVista SmartGate, this problem can be mitigated. Furthermore, it is possible to supervise the data distribution and to handle incorrect, audit-compliant data records.

ConVista SmartGate provides the framework for processing business transactions in real-time. Through determining data dependencies, transferred data is processed in a certain order. Thus it is guaranteed, for example, that master data is entered before the corresponding transaction data. In addition, ConVista SmartGate offers monitoring of incoming data and active, audit-compliant error handling. The framework also provides pre-defined content for the SAP FS-CD and ICM applications.

  • Transforming SAP entity models into input interfaces

  • Enables rollbacks at process level and transaction rollbacks

  • Includes central Monitoring and Controlling

  • Ready for customer-specific enhancements

Laszlo Kaploczki

+43 1 339 520 311 920