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The trend towards a decentralized
power generation requires secure and
standardized communication between
market participants.

Market Communication and Monitoring

Mastering complexity – maintaining the  overview

Regulatory requirements, increasing competition and cost pressures make market-compliant, streamlined, and sustainable solutions essential for communication processes. The main regulations are: GPKE, which govern the business processes for the supply of power to consumers and GeLi Gas, which govern the processes for changing gas supplier. These regulations have been complemented by MaBiS, (Market Rules for Balancing Group Billing, the Gas Cooperation Agreement (Kooperationsvereinbarung Gas), Federal Network Agencys GABi model for compensation services and balancing in the gas sector and the Renewable Energy Act (EEG) and cover complex process definitions and present challenges for process and format change projects. Tight deadlines and a multitude of processes require proven IT solutions, which best meet the monitoring and clearing needs of the business teams.   

We have accumulated years of business and technical expertise in market communication processes and EDIFACT formats and this expertise provides a solid foundation for managing such projects efficiently, and within the time limits. Our diverse consulting services work in combination to allow our consultants access to a general view of all applications, so that they are constantly kept up to date on what areas are relevant to energy data management and measurement and can, therefore, offer the most up-to-date solution. We aim to provide close-to-standard solutions or, when necessary, make adjustments to suit individual requirements always incorporating the latest SAP developments (e.g. IDEX packages).

We rely on innovative applications for EDIFACT creation, message routing, and monitoring (B2B by Practice, among others) and can also offer you ConVista's own IT solutions.

  • Plan and perform workshops for analyzing recurrent requirements due to change of format
  • Execute and administer projects for adjusting and implementing market processes (also for feed-in installations) and establish all communication flows in line with market requirements
  • Plan and implement an integrated monitoring concept and get support for integrating tried-and-tested innovative tools (e.g. B2B by Practice, ConVista Dashboard)
  • Set up customer and click optimized solution (ConVista BPEM) for clarification cases for Common-Layer-Implementation 

Laszlo Kaploczki

+43 1 339 520 311 920


ConVista Utilities - Data Exchange and Monitoring in Market Communication

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