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Adapting payment processes to customer needs
in order to strengthen the customer 
and optimize internal processes

Payment Processes

Payment processes are a critical success factor for companies

The ultimate priority for a company is to have a healthy turnover and profit margin. Any future payment management system will need to rise to certain challenges and support this corporate goal. For years, we have been seen how customers with mass payment transactions have to process increasing amounts of data and how, as a consequence, they have had to adapt their IT systems to handle the requirements of big data.

In the past manual or semi-automated processes were acceptable, but nowadays greater emphasis is put on the need to have a high level of automation for all payment processes, e.g. for direct debits or dunning procedures. The result is that efficiency can be boosted by streamlining processes and by implementing and using standards.

In banking communication topics such as “new data formats”, “new ways of data exchange” and related changes in identifying notes to payee are increasingly becoming the focus of our customers’ attention. Optimization in any of these areas are of upmost importance and will result in significant cost reductions for your company.

Direct debit and bank transfers, once the most predominant payment methods across Europe, are now being replaced by new, alternative payment methods. The growth in e-commerce and the general trend towards digitalization have played a significant role in the popularity of credit card, instant transfer or PayPayl payments. To offer these modern payment methods to customers, it is essential that organizations integrate these payment methods effectively into their processes and IT systems with the support of a competent consulting partner.

  • Future-oriented payment management
  • High level of automation of payment processes
  • Streamlined processes
  • Efficient integration of up-to-date payment methods in your processes and IT systems
  • Significant cost reductions

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