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Streamlining the debt
management and reducing defaults

Debt Management

Effective debt management: a vital method of controlling payment management

An effective process for managing debt is essential for companies to have in place to be able to make decisions on handling debt. For example, is it more beneficial to bring outstanding debts before the court or would involving a 3rd party collection agency be a more effective alternative? It is particularly important that the processes are carefully co-ordinated.

In recent years companies have become more aware of how important efficient debt management is and demand has increased significantly for consulting services on topics such as strategic focus, process design, new software implementations, or enhancing an existing system. Streamlined processes, shorter dunning intervals, standard dunning procedures, and more effective measures for the collection of debt help companies to achieve more efficient debt management.

ConVista can support the implementation of such measures, in order to significantly reduce overall debt. The key to achieving this goal is to build a sustainable system that supports debt management. 

Our broad consulting portfolio and comprehensive process capabilities make us well  positioned to provide support for both your conventional dunning process, as well as for industry-specific dunning procedures with suppliers, insurances, health insurances, and other industries.

  • Efficient debt management
  • Significant reduction of debts
  • Sustainable management of debts
  • Consulting on industry-specific dunning procedures for suppliers, insurances, health insurances, and other industries
  • Broad range of consulting services and comprehensive process knowledge of our consultants

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