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Tax Accounting

Consistent data, automated processes, and standardized reporting systems

Tax departments regularly face new challenges, as both external legal requirements and companies own internal requirements change regularly. Corporate tax departments need to respond to both types of requirement changes effectively and timely. It is important to find the right balance so that complying with external requirements does not take precedence. There needs to be a certain amount of flexibility, so that organizations can focus on major tasks (tax valuation and optimization).

Consistent data, automated processes, and standard reporting systems minimize the need for coordination and facilitate the preparation of financial statements.

Based on your organization’s requirements, ConVista map your accounting processes into the standard system, where it is possible to enter tax-related data thus providing the underlying information required for tax accounting. Regardless of whether the new general ledger (New G/L) or the classic general ledger is implemented, we offer tried-and-tested solutions. Based on our extensive project experience, we discuss the advantages of the various alternatives. Existing operational systems, which may already provide tax-related valuation information (e.g. in capital investment or asset valuation), can be integrated with interfaces, in order to reduce manual data entry. After the set up you can take full advantage of the standard to enter and evaluate tax accounting data.

  • Business expertise and technical know-how from a single source
  • Many years of experience from numerous successful projects for introducing the tax balance sheet in SAP
  • ConsPrep, a ConVista software solution tried-and-true for many years and always in line with customer preferences
  • ConVista ConsPrep.Tax supports you in optimizing your tax processes (e.g. determination and calculation of deferred control and reporting of the E-balance sheet)

Laszlo Kaploczki

+43 1 339 520 311 920


ConVista ConsPrep.Tax (German Version)