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Optimizing Operational Management

Customized design of cost structures and optimum use of tools

One of operational management’s main tasks is to make transparent key information such as: costs incurred, contribution margins, investments, and the general financial data. Such reports play a key role in supporting decision-makers in a company.

To achieve quick and precise answers to organizational questions there are two essential success factors:  firstly, to have a customized design of the controlling structures and processes and, secondly,  to put in place a strategy for selecting the tools required to support a system-based approach to managing operations. Business issues are specific to each individual company, so the solutions needed should also be tailored to the organization’s situation.

Thanks to our multi-industry expertise, our consultants can analyze your specific issues and identify potential areas for optimization. In partnership with you, we can develop a strategy to improve your operational controlling. Our services include designing a suitable cost center structure, transferring cost object controlling or even activity-based costing into an ERP system, implementing a profitability analysis to improve your sales control, and also selecting and setting up tools for a software-based controlling.

Our integrated approach, which is based on process knowledge, systematic expertise, and  appropriately chosen technologies guarantees long-term success all changes in you controlling function.

  • Many years of experience in national and international projects in different industries
  • Design and creation of your cost center structure
  • Transfer cost object controlling and activity-based costing into an ERP system
  • Implement a profitability analysis
  • Select and implement the IT infrastructure

Laszlo Kaploczki

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