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Integrating Corporate Planning Processes

Rolling forecasts instead of rigid budgeting concepts

When it comes to corporate planning, anticipating future trends is essential for executives, in order for them to manage corporate activities effectively. Executives are faced with increasing demands on planning: those involved in planning must not only produce results at an increasingly faster pace, but also ensure that forecasts are as accurate and comprehensive as possible, incorporating interdependencies within the detailed planning. To make the planning function more effective for management control it is essential to integrate different planning activities, even if the process of integrating them increases the overall complexity of the planning function itself.     

In many projects, our experts have scrapped rigid budgeting concepts and replaced them with rolling forecast implementations. Our consultants’ expertise covers the blueprinting and implementation of integrated planning for income statements,  balance sheets, financial planning, investment reporting, HR reporting, and cash-flow reporting. When selecting the right planning tools we use cutting edge technology appropriate for the customer’s requirements, offering customers an effective and efficient solution from one single source. We aim to provide improved planning outputs, which are detailed in nature, but, which go a step further by accelerating and simplifying the integration of your corporate planning processes

  • Integration of corporate planning processes
  • Rolling forecasts
  • Cutting-edge methods and technologies

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