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Restructuring Group Reporting

Target-oriented preparation and presentation of data 

The key objective of state-of-the-art management information systems is to gain valuable information from a wealth of data, which identifies specific areas for action and enables appropriate responses. It is essential to consider the interests of all internal and external parties involved in the consolidated financial statements, e.g. investors, the supervisory board, the executive board, business unit managers, or auditors, in order to prepare reports which provide the relevant information.

ConVista assists with designing new reporting requirements in group accounting for different reporting purposes, e.g. plan, actual, forecast, and non-financial values. Assistance can also be given with the design of group cash flow and the definition of new KPIs. We advise on selecting a reporting tool suitable for your company, especially with regards to different existing media formats (cockpit, iPad, print, web, etc.). Subsequently, we support you with the technical implementation, including generation and set-up of group reports, including target-oriented preparation and presentation of data.

  • Design and technical implementation of a state-of-the-art management information system
  • Develop new reports for plan, actual, forecast, and non-financial values
  • Create a consolidated cash flow
  • Define new KPIs
  • Consulting on selecting suitable reporting tools
  • Generate and set up group reports

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