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SF2Go® - Energize your Sales Force 

You are looking for a transparent software solution for your variable remuneration calculation which can be adapted to your individual company situation, is available after a short introduction period and meets the requirements of a growing company?

With the aid of an easy example, we would like to present our solution SF2Go to you as an overall solution for mapping variable remuneration models.

The webinar will take about half an hour. After that you will have enough time to ask questions.

We look forward to your participation!

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SF2Go® - Energize your Sales Force

Ulrich Leitner

+43 1 339 520 311 818


The seminar is aimed at companies, company managers, sales managers, marketing managers, executives from accounting and controlling (these are the same participants as in 7 success factors for a variable remuneration)


January 27th 2016      09:30 am

February 11th 2016     10:00 am

February 25th 2016     11:00 am


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