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Seven success factors for motivating sales commission

Conventional variable remuneration systems often increasingly fail in aligning employees with important and sustainable company goals that aim to motivate their employees to committed performance.

Even cosmetic procedures made on the existing remuneration model are not a solution that improves the situation. Numerous points call for a radical change to a new incentive and commission plan. Companies that strengthen themselves against competition, have long recognized that powerful variable commission and incentive models in sales play a crucial role: they help to secure company and sales targets, motivate to excel and are attractive for qualified employees. These models are designed for teams that include many employees in incentive payments, so that many employees pull in the same direction. This allows better self-control of employees and puts more focus on performance than conventional variable commission and incentive systems.

We speak about the following factors for success:

  • Effective commission needs significant variable income shares
  • The remuneration of revenues and costs
  • The remuneration of multiple performance criteria
  • Target bonus instead of commissions
  • Exciting instead of boring commission plans
  • Remuneration of “soft“ performance criteria
  • Team-based commission approaches

Seminar goal:

  • You will get to know sales commission plans, which with the aid of the return on sales can be noticeably increased
  • You gain knowledge about how “well-made“ commission systems can be used as management and control instruments to affect sales
  • Learn how to get the internal services (sales, marketing, etc.) integrated into variable commission systems
  • Learn about remuneration systems that lead (i.e. performance oriented) to  fair employee commissions
  • Learn about remuneration models that are “exciting“ and where one receives more by performance
  • Explore ways to create flexible and team-oriented remuneration structures

Julia Thomson

+49 221 888 26 345

This seminar is adressed to entrepreneurs, managing directors, sales managers, marketing managers and managers for accounting and controlling.

Seminar price:
790 € /day /participant

Date & Place:
October 10th, 2015    
ConVista Cologne (other dates and locations on request)

Seminar package:
Seminar material, Food

Seven success factors for motivating sales commission