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~ 650 employees,
> 350 customers,
16 locations worldwide


We do not consider management to be an end in itself

Our leadership and management philosophy is one of service. As partners we support a respectful, direct and trust based approach to our relationship both internally with ConVista and externally with partners and customers. This philosophy is embraced by all those who work for ConVista Faktor Zehn. We strongly believe in the power of team spirit and the value individuals bring to a team when they work to their strengths and combine their talents so that our team work takes our company and our customers a step forward.

Laszlo Kaploczki has been Managing Director for developing the subsidiaries in Austria and Hungary since 1999. After completing his major in Computer Science and his minor in Economics at Ilmenau University of Technology, Germany, he began his career as a consultant and developer for Financial Services at SAP in Germany. In 1999 he moved within the company to Hungary and became member of the Management Board, acting as Head of Product Management. As a Consulting Manager, he was later responsible for the entire SAP consulting business in Hungary. With the foundation of the SAP Labs Hungary development center in 2005, he built and managed as Vice President the development organization of ERP and Supply Chain Management.

At ConVista Faktor Zehn, his areas of activity include sales, business development, and consulting. In addition to that, he manages within the ConVista Group all cooperation activities with Central and Eastern European companies. Laszlo Kaploczki not only speaks German and English but also Hungarian, Czech, Slovak, and Russian.



Ulrich Leitner ist Managing Partner of ConVista Faktor Zehn Austria. Nach seiner Ausbildung an der HTBLuVA Wr. Neustadt Abteilung EDVO war er in großen Beratungshäusern im Versicherungsbereich tätig. 2008 wechselte er in die Faktor Zehn Österreich um dort den SAP Bereich erfolgreich auf- und auszubauen. Er vertritt das Leistungsangebot Core Insurance sowie den Bereich Personal.

Martin Taferner is Managing Partner since 1st of July 2017 at ConVista Faktor Zehn GmbH Austria. Following his education at HTBLuVA St. Pölten, specializing in Communications Engineering, he worked at an IT-subsidiary of a large Austrian insurance company. Afterwards he took the role of project manager at an international IT-Company and was responsible for projects in the area of insurance for many years. In 2009 he joined Faktor Zehn GmbH Austria and successfully established and expanded the Java and web development departments. His areas of responsibility include project management, personnel management and strategic development.